Creative Camera Course

Do you know your way around your camera’s manual settings, but are not sure where to point your lens and how to develop your creative eye? Do you want to capture your world, your way, in photos you love?

Your Camera Your World

Here’s a cool little secret

Photography is the tool you can use to capture what your eye sees and your heart feels. Photography is thrilling, rewarding and a teensy-weansy bit addictive!

But….hang on there cowboy/girl….

‘We seldom take great pictures. You have to milk the cow a lot and get lots of milk to make a little piece of cheese.’ ― Henri Cartier-Bresson

What’s Henri mean by that? He means – at least at the beginning of your photography journey – focus on a photo topic or theme that interests you, and shoot it, like, a lot. Practice makes perfect.

creative camera course online

{Image from the Children theme}

How does Your Camera, Your World work?

  • It’s an online, creative camera course conducted in English.
  • There are eight different photo themes to choose from.
  • Each theme contains around ten lessons.
  • You receive a daily lesson in your inbox.
  • There’s one assignment per theme.
  • You access a pack of free bonus lessons on image file management/post production/how-to’s etc.
  • And you can join our online private Facebook group, a safe sharing space.


{Image from the Landscape theme}

What you’ll need

  • your camera set to ‘M’ for Manual mode
  • an internet connection
  • an active email account
  • a blank notebook
  • a computer with capacity to view & edit your photos
  • software like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (advised)
  • a Facebook account (free; so you can access the private group)
  • a time allowance each day to read the daily lesson
  • a time allowance each fortnight to shoot your assignment

{Image from the Animals theme}

About your teacher 

  • I lead two amateur photo groups in Melbourne and Berlin with almost 3000 members combined.
  • I have been teaching manual camera workshops since 2010.
  • I devoted a decade to travelling and exhibiting which has informed most of the content.
  • I hold a BA (Commercial Art) Photography degree from RMIT University.
  • I’m an award-winning member of the Australian Insitute of Professional Photography.
  • I have been a practising photographer for 15 years.
  • I’ve seen the same issues coming up again and again so it was just a matter of time before I would develop a course that was suitable to their needs.
  • Your Camera, Your World is all devised and conducted by me, Beth Jennings

your camera your world photography instructor teacher

What they say

shelley water ‘I feel like I’ve already learnt so much over the last few weeks…. Loving the course, you’ve done a great job!!!’ Shelley


Jocelin cupcake‘I am really enjoying this journey and finally absorbing myself in something I have wanted to do for many, many years. I have loved this course and learnt a lot. Food is going to be lots of fun!’ Jocelin


Andrew 08 ‘I am quite shy when it comes to photographing people, but this week’s info is inspiring me and giving me some courage!! I am really looking forward to shooting some portraits!!’ Andrew


Malcolm Beths Pick 1‘I feel as though I have achieved what I aimed to do with the course i.e. take me well and truly out of my comfort zone and take on the challenges of taking photos of people! Your lessons were spot-on in terms of anticipating things to look out for: the good (the wonderful beauty of children) and the not-so-good (short attention spans, distractions, iPads, Playstations etc). I learnt so much out of this theme, more than just about photography if I’m honest. About people, about children, and about family. I also have learnt a whole new level of respect for the skill required to get great images of children like you do!’ Mal

leah children‘Thanks for giving us confidence in this course. I wouldn’t have been courageous enough to do this if it were not for this assignment and your words of encouragement.’ Leah  


Free trial


To receive free week of Water lessons, enter your details:

Ready to start?

Purchase your preferred themes one by one as they suit you:


Architecture $49

– discover the types of buildings that interest you
– learn 4 different approaches to capturing buildings
– become aware of how light plays on buildings
– architects and how we can photograph their vision
– manage exposures to express what you want to say


PortraitPortrait $49

– the maths behind building a portrait
– work with light to illuminate your subjects
– find your personal style of portraiture
– discover your role for creating successful portraits
– tell a story with environmental and close up portraits


LandscapeLandscape $49

– learn to see the light in landscapes
– learn to purposefully build your landscape images
– discover nature images inside your landscapes
– compositional tips for pretty landscape photos
– create a post-production system for your landscapes




Children $49

– considerations for babies, toddlers & school age
– learn to find the exact moment to … click!
– work with natural light and suitable locations
– express the wonders of childhood through photos
– compositional considerations for children


Live PerformanceLive Performance $49

– types of performance and find your favourite
– how to approach directors etc
– technicals for successful no-flash-no-tripod shooting
– how to tell the performance story in 5 images
– the parts that make the whole in live performance


FoodFood $49

– the elements of food photography
– find your particular interest within the food theme
– how to make a food story and shoot close ups
– manage your camera and lighting for food
– the role of research in creating unique food image



Street Photography $49

– tackle your concerns about street photography
– find your unique angle
– isolate to tell an effective street story
– how to get the most out of the gear you have
– street etiquette


AnimalsAnimals $49

– animals in their habitat, the human context, at home
– bring their character to life in photos
– practical tips and technical considerations
– find inspiration in the work of the best animal photographers
– how to whittle your ideas down to create one awesome capture


Things to know about the set of eight

  • Once your payment is received, Architecture starts immediately.
  • The lessons then run in the below preset order for 4 months straight.
  • Once commenced, they can’t be changed, stopped or delayed.
  • There is a three day break between themes.
  • If you want to nominate a start date, then please be in touch.

modules lineup purchase set of 8

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